Golf Betting: Common Mistakes That People Make

Golf Betting: Common Mistakes That People Make

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More often than not people opting for betting in a sport opt to bet only on the big tournaments held around the year. With bigger tournaments amount to about 4 or 5, it is not possible for the gambler to fully understand the statistics involved in the game. This is especially true for golf, wherein people just concentrate on live betting for the PGA tournaments and are thus prone to making mistakes which might make them lose a lot of money on betting websites like

Some of the common mistakes made by these punters are:

  • Betting more money than can be won: This is probably the silliest of mistakes gamblers make. In a bid to ensure their winnings, they bet on multiple players in the same golfing event. But such a type of betting invariably fails in the end and the gambler ends up losing money unless most of the players that he bets on, win. This is a highly improbable situation since in any event there can be only one winner and one runner-up.
  • Betting on big names: This is one of the biggest fallacies of golf betting since the odds set against these top players winning is not very high. Thus the winning amount too is not very much. It is always better to bet on people who are in a very good form and play with confidence so that if, and when, an underdog wins, the gambler also stands to make a lot of money.
  • Never ignore the course: The golf course is the one which ultimately decides the outcome of the game. Thus when deciding on a winner, the compatibility or finesse of the player when handling the golf course the tournament is being played on, should always be taken into consideration.

Understanding the above mistakes and looking at ways to rectify the same will what make a punter place a winning bet. Thus these mistakes should be kept in mind when betting on a golf tournament.