Greatest Taste for the Monopoly Games

Greatest Taste for the Monopoly Games

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Ah! The board games, Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk and other board games that we love to play for hours. You too, it annoys you when you lose, but you are still obliged to end the game not to pass for a ruthless bad player? What if you could win every time?

The arguments at Christmas are caused by the same things each year. There arepolitical discussions at the end of the family meal, and board games that end badly. Tata Catherine has the spirit of competition and becomes angry after three rounds, and your brother-in-law buys all the properties you just want to bother you. Inevitably, you lose. Scientists have unveiled techniques to win at almost every stroke.


Monopoly Mega jackpots slots are the assurance of a long afternoon, annoyance, nervousness, sometimes real arguments. The first golden rule to adopt to put a maximum of luck on his side is to buy priority orange boxes. In the classic version it is Place Pigalle, Boulevard Saint Michel, and Avenue Mozart. Statistically, these are the boxes on which players fall most often. Why, since they are placed near the prison. The red boxes are also a good investment.


To win Scrabble if you are not a walking dictionary, you must record a maximum of short words. According to the scientists who conducted this study, it is therefore necessary to ensure in words of two or three letters. There are thousands of them and they make it possible to score a maximum of points when they are well placed. It is also necessary to get rid of Q, X and other embarrassing W’s as soon as possible. Specialists argue that we must play his best words as soon as possible, regardless of whether they open the game to others.

Colonel mustard with candlestick in the kitchen

And well to find the solution before his opponents, it should use sheets of personal surveys, not those provided in the game. This allows you to create your own sheet of writing people, objects and parts in a different order. Someone who would take a look at your card could not help and know what you have eliminated.

The play monopoly mega jackpots online is one of the bestselling board games in the world. During the holiday season, it’s a must. We play with our brothers and sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts and parents, between meals. And we inevitably end up screaming at each other and swinging the pieces across the room. Rest calmly this pack of cards luck, we may have a solution.

Who can claim to have never been angry while playing Monopoly? Who has never thrown his tickets on the board game board, annoyed at having to pay our neighbor again, accused the bank of cheating, or scolded at the bad luck that drives us into prison without going through the square? Nobody.

A dedicated phone line for Christmas

According to a recent study, 51% of the parts of Monopoly end badly. Hasbro has decided to set up a number that families on the verge of imploding can call before things really go wrong. The service will be open from December 24 to December 26 for the players, the most sensitive days in terms of family disputes according to the publisher of board games.