Right Effects for the Proper Support for the Site Support

Right Effects for the Proper Support for the Site Support

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“Google introduces security features in everything it does. We want everyone to be able to use the internet for free, to know that their data is protected and to feel secure,” says Google.

According to Google, elements have been introduced in all the company’s products to detect suspicious activity and block phishing activities.

But on the Internet, 45% of these phishing activities are still successful, says Google, saying it uses the most advanced technology to protect users in the online environment from any security threats that may occur in the products. For the 토토사이트 접속 this is important.

Google and beyond

But there are also a number of small steps that Internet users can take to ensure better online security, says Google.

The main tips for online safety offered by Google specialists:

Create a password that hackers can’t guess. Passwords are the first line of defense against hackers, so you should choose a slightly more complicated password than the “password”. It is vital to choose complex, different passwords for each of the important accounts and it is advisable to update them regularly. The longer the password, the harder it will be to guess. Numbers / symbols and combinations of upper / lower case letters make the password much harder to guess or break. For the password, do not use “123456” or “password” or information that is known to many, such as the phone number.

Double your safety with a two-step verification system

With the two-step verification system, you will connect with something known (password) and something received (a code that will be sent to your phone). If you start 2-step verification, Google will send you a code on your cell phone whenever someone tries to access your account from an unknown terminal.

Find your lost device

If you have lost a device, you can use Android Device Manager to approximate its location on the map and the date it was last used. When Android Device Manager locates your device, a notification will be sent to that device. Android Device Manager can also be used to display the location of that device.

Take a two-minute test for “Security Level Check”. If you update your security settings, your account will be better protected. The procedure only takes about two minutes. First, sign in to your Google Account. Then access the settings by clicking on the name or the picture in the right corner, then select “Account”. At the top, under “Security Check-up”, select “Get Started”.

Sort the search engine results by removing undesirable content. SafeSearch is an automated filter for content that may be obscene or inappropriate for certain ages. When you start SafeSearch for a Google account, adult content is blocked and does not appear among the results displayed by any browser or computer when you sign in with that account.