The Essential Site Gambling Options for Your Needs Now

The Essential Site Gambling Options for Your Needs Now

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The new legislative amendment regarding site gambling has brought nine additional pages, without the methodological norms, to the old normative act that is inserted only on one page. The legislative novelty indicates a new system, with many more rules and, implicitly, unclear. 

The emergency ordinance in the case is in the form of a series of articles that gives you the impression that, whenever the legislator remembered something else, he slipped an article, paragraph or letter of law. When the legislator got tired of petting his pen on paper he made reference to norms. For example, although the ordinance includes a dictionary of terms, some of them will be explained only in norms – probably until then the legislator will have clarified on the subject (in other words, what are the contests and clandestine games).

Gambling targeted by the new normative act

Gambling is classified as follows:

  1. lotto games
  2. bets (mutual bets and fixed odds bets)
  3. gambling characteristic of casino activity
  4. slot machine games
  5. bingo games held in gambling halls
  6. bingo games organized through the systems of the television networks.

The following types of games are not considered gambling and are allowed without authorization:

Fun games, exploited by means of machines, devices, devices of any kind and which do not involve winnings based on random elements, but have the purpose of testing the strength, intelligence and dexterity of the participant

The actions organized by different economic operators, according to the law, for the purpose of stimulating sales and which do not imply the participation fee, respectively no additional expense from the participants nor the increase of the price that the product had before carrying out the advertising action.

Who’s winning?

First of all, the state, which collects more money due to the increase of taxes, but also to their multiplication? The old gambling license is replaced by the gambling license (granted for five years) and the gambling license (granted annually). The new normative act does not explain why two authorizations are required for the same thing, the organization of gambling. Probably the answer lies somewhere in the strategy of reducing bureaucracy and taxes, freshly issued by the Government.

Gambling organizers will also win, as they will recover their expenses (even if higher) from the participants. And, if we consider the plaayers’ appetite for gambling, it probably won’t be too hard for them.

The Romanian Lottery will win in particular and, implicitly, the state again, because it no longer contributes, like the other gambling organizers, to finance various activities of public interest.

Who loses?

There are some losers who deserve to be nominated:

The National Solidarity Fund, which dies but does not surrender. The fund has as its main source of financing the social stamp tax, applied to gambling.

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