The ins and outs of betting on a point spread

  The ins and outs of betting on a point spread

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Point spread betting can be confusing and intimidating, especially if you are not sure where to start.However, once you understand the concept, it is a helpful tool to have in your skillset. The brief guide below will answer your questions about point spread betting,and you will learn how to increase your skill.

What is a point spread?

Point spread betting is a form of betting specifically for sports matches and games.As sports betting is becoming more and more popular, it is a valuable skill to learn. Most wagers will involve gamblers deciding to place their bets between two teams or two individuals who are competing against one another. Oddsmakers, including the best NJ Online Casinos, use point spreads to make a matchup more even as, naturally, one of the sides may be more likely to win than the other. By creating a more even matchup, the oddsmakers allow for point spread betting offers to give more even flatter pay-outs.

Specifically, a point spread is how teams or individuals of different skill levels are handicapped against each other. Alternatively phrased, a point spread is the number of points that one side or team generates, compared to the other side or team. By handicapping both sides of the matchup, the game is made more even as the two sides or teams are rarely equal in skill.

Where can I see the point spread?

You have likely already seen the point spread on the odds board without realizing it. On the board, you will see the team or competitor’snames, and next to their names will be numbers, along with a minus or plus sign to create positive and negative numbers.

The negative number next to the name indicates that the match’s final score will have the spread number subtracted. The positive number next to the side’s name indicates that the spread number will be added to the final score. That provides bettors with information abouthow much a specific team is predicted to win or lose by.

What is the point of point spread betting?

By using point spread betting, oddsmakers can handicap both sides of a matchup to attract bettors to place bets on the teams. As very few matchups feature equally matched teams, point spread betting evens out the disparity between them. When oddsmakers have achieved well-balanced betting for both teams, they can profit from the bets without incurring too much risk.

What does a win look like for point spread betting?

A point spread bet is considered successful when the side wagered on has covered the point spread.The team with the negative number will need to win the game by at least more points than the number indicated next to the team name, and, conversely, the team with the positive number cannot lose the game by more points than the number displayed next to the name. In these instances, the bettors will succeed in their point spread betting.