Top Famous Players In History

Top Famous Players In History

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When ambition drives us, victory is not hard to achieve. We have the motivation that drives us to accomplish our goals. For online casino Australia players, passion is an important criterion that encourages casino players to go beyond their absolute path and become the most famous players in the history of online casinos.

The List Of The Most Famous Casino Players

Here is a list of players who had the same ambitions, that is to say, wanting to play and win above all else. The music of animations in the games and themes proposed in the online pokies Australia are irresistible to them. These bettors are unique characters, each having their personality in everyday life. In particular, each of them has an area of expertise: art, literature, politics, and science. Let’s discover them!

Dostoevsky Fyodeur

We know that this famous Russian player had written a novel called “The Gambler.” Yes, he is a writer; he bathes in the world of literature. But what you may not know is that in this edition he recounts his personal experiences. He is passionate about games of chance. Dostoevsky exploited the psychology of his gambling addiction and risk as a source of inspiration for his novels. This online bettor did not have a lot of chances in terms of the casino. He had to quickly finish his book “Crime and Punishment” to be able to repay his gambling debts.

Claude Monet

He is a French painter who studied at the secondary school of arts of Le Havre in 1851. He decided to move to Paris. But to continue painting, he had to invest. He decided to play table games at the casinos and won more than $ 13,000. This allowed him to quit his job and concentrate on his career as a painter.

Glacomo Casanova

He is a talented writer and adventurer. He appears to have been trained by game professionals, but he did not want to become a professional because of his temperament and his violence towards others. His goal was simply to make money in a fast way.

Queen Marie Antoinette

While her people were suffering, the Queen of France was enjoying herself in fashion, luxury, and gambling. She was a celebrity who had a real addiction to games.

Michel de Montaigne

Montaigne was practically the father of modern skepticism; he was a passionate player with a strong reputation during the sixteenth century.

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