Toto Verified Site for Your Choices

Toto Verified Site for Your Choices

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The success of website promotion depends on the strategy. The strategy, in turn, largely depends on the quality and quantity of the selected keywords for promotion. If you choose the wrong keywords (whether it’s an online store or a news portal), you can spend a lot of effort, time and money in vain. With the 토토 총판 you can have the best deal.

What does this mean in practice? Here are some examples: 

You started the promotion of the online store, but picked up information keys, instead of commercial ones. You picked up both information and commercial keys, but did not take into account the need for clustering and all requests were mixed. You did not conduct competitor analysis and search results before choosing keys. What is common in all these cases? Further promotion will be greatly complicated and, in some cases, may be inconclusive in principle. In this article we will show step-by-step instructions on how to select keywords for the site, which tools to use for this, and how to choose the keys that will be most suitable. 

Top 3 Keyword 

Selection Factors Before making up a large semantic core, before choosing keys for sections and categories, and before looking at keyword metrics, there are three main factors to consider. These factors are fundamental in the formation of a further promotion strategy: Keys must be relevant to your site. In other words, queries should be as relevant as possible to the theme of your site. So, if you are selling accessories for smartphones, then the main keys should match the theme, similarly with other keywords. Remember that some keys may be relevant for several niches – for example, the phrase “child seats” is suitable for car seats, and for furniture fittings. 

Commercial or informational orientation

If you are promoting an online store, then for the most part there should be commercial requests on the site with bundles of the form “buy”, “buy online”, “buy online + geolocation”, “online store”, etc. If you have an informational site, then placing commercial requests on it does not make sense – for commercial requests, people are looking for goods and services, not articles, reviews or guides. Take into account statistics from the PS. If you do not promote a super-unique product / service, then you will surely have dozens of competitors in the search results. 

Moreover, for a number of high-frequency queries in the top there will be giant sites with a reputation and great popularity. Promoting such requests does not make sense at the initial stages – at this time it is better to focus on mid-range and low-frequency queries. It is for this that statistics on the number of queries in search engines are needed. Based only on these three factors, you can select the first 20-30 keywords, around which the further semantic core will be built. How to do this – we will tell further. 

We select keywords for the site: 6 online tools How to choose the most suitable keywords for the site? First of all, you need to choose online tools that are suitable for these purposes. We recommend the use of the following: Google Keyword Planner A universal free tool that allows you to choose keywords when working with Google. 

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